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The ArtLot

pop up park, avondale estates, art park, parklet, temporary park

The ArtLot

The Avondale Arts Alliance in collaboration with the City of Avondale Estates, artists, local citizens and businesses, is planning to create a temporary city park in an underutilized space fronting N. Avondale near the Tudor Village.

The concept is taking currently unused—and ugly—land and turning it into a pop-up art park. The vision is to create a temporary public space where locals and visitors alike can explore a creative experience that would involve sculptures and visual art installations, green walls and a performance space. It could also be used for many other daily uses from families picnicking to office workers using it for a coffee break.

The project aims to support and increase pedestrian safety, neighborhood identity, and beautification along the busy 4-lane corridor. Activating this area of the downtown will help shape and define plans for a more permanent future development investment by the City. The project is intended to be a public experiment for the City, supported by City funding, to work with local communities and organizations to temporarily test new ideas in the public realm.


-Attract new visitors to the Central Business District to support businesses

-Develop and test arts-related programming on a consistent basis to build a catalog of successful events for the downtown area

-Reimagine the potential of downtown city streets and park spaces

-Highlight and grow the awareness of the unique artistic character of Avondale Estates

-Encourage non-motor transportation

-Enhance pedestrian safety & activities

-Engage neighbors, schools and community to contribute and participate

pop up park, avondale estates, art park, parklet, temporary park

Materials and design installations are meant to be curated, attractive, temporary, easily moveable, be open to the need for design changes and offer a unique artist-driven design aesthetic. The Art Lot would remain in place on a trial basis as an “ongoing festival” where a variety of arts programming would occur on a weekly or monthly basis. Over time, the space could be reclaimed permanently as public open spaces or be developed into other projects.

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